The Navy Amateur Radio Club was formed on March 3, 1979.  The group consisted of 12 charter members located primarily in Southern Florida.  The club has grown to a current membership of more than 700.  Once a member receives a number it is never issued to anyone else.  The club call sign is K4NAR.

Join today   Just print out the application form along with required proof of service, complete the form and return the completed form to Pending changes address can be found below. 

Join us on the air 7.245 MHz 0700-0900 365 days a year

Persons desiring to become a member of the Navy Amateur Radio Club shall submit a completed application form which is provided by the Secretary/Treasurer.  No applicant shall be denied membership on the basis of race, color, creed or sex.  Information and application may be obtained by sending an E-Mail or sending a SASE to the Secretary/Treasurer.

Ken Franklin
553 Bayshore Drive
Ellenton, FL 34222

Our eligibility requirement is current or past honorable service in any of the following.  United States or Canadian Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or any reserve component of these services.  Please provide a "Copy" of any one of the following documents: Current I.D. Card (active, retired or reserve), final DD-214, or discharge certificate.  Upon acceptance you will be provided with a new member package, which includes a copy of the current roster, a membership certificate, a copy of the club bylaws, and a member I.D. Card.  We are looking forward to hearing from you soon and talking with you on 7.245 MHz NARC NET, 0700 ELT (Eastern Local Time), 7 days a week.