Observations and/or thoughts from our Webmaster

I figured I would use this page to lend some observations and/or thoughts on most anything related to our net, email, or web surfing practices.  Call it my ramblings if you will and may not necessarily be in agreement with others.

1.  One of the things I have noticed with frequent emails I receive forwarded to me is although the content most of the time is humorous, patriotic, and newsworthy the email addresses of the previous recipients remain visible and build up over time as it bounces all over the internet.  I try to make it a habit each time I decide to forward a message that I strip out the email addresses shown that often times span many forwarding's including the gathered addresses.  There are search bots and email address harvesters in the wild that just gobble up these addresses.  This is but one of the many ways that unwanted inbound Spam can make it into your inbox.  In your email client program you may want to create a distributions list which includes all the addressees you normally forward to, then place them in the BCC line, this should hide the unnecessary display of email addresses.

2.  For any of you that may be on D-Star, I monitor reflector 102 B most every day.


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