We get good ideals or items from members from time to time with useful resources, clippings, cards, pictures whatever.  We decided to start consolidating those submissions on this page.

U. S. Marine Corps Field Antenna Handbook MCRP 6-22D submitted by Bill NM4A member 649

Navy Straight Key History and Key use; this was submitted by Walt K5EST member # 865

Humorous look at Ham Radio produced by Paul # 809 and his wife

New technology story submitted by Dave KD1C #612

Rare color film of WWII Aircraft Carrier in the Pacific

This may bring back some memories for some of you old salts submitted by N1EZZ George our Vice Commander

This was submitted by Jerry Frank # 759 NM9U, a plethora of videos for the aviation buff


ATTN:  Members who have served at the former NAVCOMMSTA Londonderry, N.I., or NAVRADSTA Thurso, Scotland.
If you have served at either of these former duty stations, please e-mail me.

Chief, #864


Items of interest you want to share, send your suggestions to me WB4IMT@navyamateurradioclub.org  member # 605